Welcome to BMI Expert

Welcome to the pages of BMI Expert. Here you will find expertise and experience around the topic of BMI. Here, BMI does not mean "Body Mass Index", but "Business Model Innovation", i.e. the innovation of business models.

Practice and theory

Business Model Innovation (BMI) can be viewed from different angles. Very practically, in the form of a look at new business approaches and entrepreneurial ideas; or coming from theory, with a scientific basis. Here you will find both. Because as Immanuel Kant states:

Theory without practice is empty, practice without theory is blind".

freely after Immanuel Kant


Technology is another interesting aspect that often comes into play at BMI. In particular, digital technologies and business models are usually linked. In fact, the scientific theory of the Business Models only emerged in connection with digital technologies. Today, it can be said that a new (digital) technology has little chance of success without an associated business model.


It is particularly noteworthy that BMI itself may be understood as a strategic tool. An innovation dimension of its own, in other words. Or expressed in somewhat more everyday terms: how something is done is at least as important as what is done.


Last but not least, companies in general, and business model innovators in particular, always have an impact on their environment. In some cases, innovative business models even change the whole world! With power comes responsibility, as the movie Spider Man so rightly says. That's why BMI Expert also takes a philosophical look at BMI.